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Figs comprise a large genus , Ficus , of deciduous and evergreen tropical and subtropical trees, shrubs , and vines belonging to the mulberry family Moraceae . Commercially , the most important fig is Ficus carica, the tree that produces the edible fig fruit .


Dried figs are the fruit of the tree " Ficus Carica " from which the greater

portion of moisture has been removed . Figs dried through exposure to the

sun . Dried figs are processed to bring their moisture content up from 14 -

20% to as high as 30%.Most of the fruit is dried before marketing .

The dried figs are prepared from clean and sound fruit and are sorted and

thoroughly cleaned to assure a clean, sound, wholesome product .dried figs

are fat-free , sodium-free and cholesterol-free , very delicious and full

of mineral materials consisting different vitamins . Harvesting fig trees begin

from summer till autumn and the figs are dried quite naturally .

After collecting the products , they are sorted , fumigated , cold storage

and well packaged .


White figs or white type figs are white to dark brown in color and the most

important varieties are " Adriatic , Calimyrna (Lob Injir) , Kadota (Dottato)

and Ezmira ".


Estahban valley in 777KM south east of Tehran in Fars province , 54 02'30" E 29 07'45" N , +1760M high .the soil and climate in the Estahban valley are ideal for growing figs . Figs thrive in the valley's hot dry summer sun .

Estahban valley has more than 2'000'000 fig trees , in 20'000 hectars . Estahban produces 100% of the dried figs grown in IRAN. All of the commercially sold dried figs produced in IRAN are grown in the fertile Estahban valley.

Estahban valley fig trees are grown without the use of irrigation Estahban valley know as the greatest land in the world dried figs producer by FAO.Natural means are used in producing figs .

No chemical materials and hormones are used.

Consequently the dried figs are organic and natural production .